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Isuzu Motors is considered one of the oldest and most proven Japanese corporations. It was founded already in the century before last. In 1893, the Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding & Engineering Company Limited was established. Since 1916, together with Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co, she has been engaged in the production of cars. At first, these were trucks, and since the middle of the last century, passenger cars have also appeared in the line.
The name Isuzu was first used in 1932 to refer to the corporation's new truck. And the final name - Isuzu Motors - she received in 1945.
The logo is a schematic designation of the source of the Ise River, where the temple of the sun goddess was built. Actually, Isuzu is the river sacred to the Japanese. Cars originally copied their English counterparts. Later, after the purchase of 34.2% of the shares of this Japanese company by General Motors in 1971, the American period began in the life of the brand, which resulted in the appearance of the Isuzu Gemini passenger car, and subsequently the Japanese competitor to Mitsubishi Pajero - Rodeo Bighorn (Trooper).
SUVs ranging from Isuzu VehiCross to Isuzu D-Max are common on the roads today. But in order for the car to serve its owner faithfully, it is necessary to carry out its timely maintenance. And since it is difficult to do without a faithful horse for a long time, not only their quality, but also the delivery time plays an important role in the choice of spare parts. By purchasing parts through, you can be sure of fast order execution!

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The process of buying spare parts in the Exteil online store is easy and very enjoyable. It begins with a search for the desired spare part in the catalog. You can find it in several ways:

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  • by its original number,
  • by vehicle modification or VIN-code.

Exteil supplies original parts and equivalents. Choosing what you need, you can familiarize yourself with the prices for each item and delivery times. If you have any questions, the Exteil manager is always ready to answer them at the phones indicated on the website.

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