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MINI cars have long won the popularity of consumers due to the excellent combination of stylish design, comfortable interior and high-quality assembly, which ensures the stable operation of all car units. For repairs, we offer MINI spare parts that are certified, exactly meet the technical parameters, and also have a favorable price.

Regular maintenance, replacement of worn out parts, as well as the use of high-quality consumables can significantly extend the life of the car. Using original MINI spare parts, you can easily restore the technical and operational characteristics of the car to a state close to new. A serviceable car is reliable, stable on the road, and also absolutely safe for all road users.

Features of original spare parts

For maintenance, minor maintenance and overhaul, it is best to use original MINI parts. In this case, the maximum quality of the result is achieved after replacing the failed unit. Spare parts produced by factories of partners working on the basis of contracts with the manufacturer are also of good quality. In case of a choice between original spare parts and analogues, it is better to use the original. It is especially important to use original components to restore the functionality of the most important working units of the vehicle, including the braking system, steering and engine.

The catalog contains and classifies in detail high-quality auto parts MINI, which are suitable for repairing any degree of complexity of branded auto models Clubman, Clubvan, Paceman, Countryman. The range includes maintenance fluids, oils and auto chemicals, as well as light bulbs, wipers, filters, spark plugs, brake pads and linings. The catalog also contains spare parts for overhaul:

  • engine;
  • brake and fuel system;
  • ignition, starters and generators;
  • sensors, electronics and lighting;
  • body and interior;
  • suspension, steering and transmission.

All parts and assemblies strictly comply with the quality standards set by the manufacturer, therefore they are ideal for carrying out repair and restoration work. The correct choice of spare parts eliminates the risk of mismatching parts, since different car models differ in technical characteristics depending on the year of manufacture, engine size, type and modification of the body.

How to choose and order

All MINI spare parts are grouped in accordance with the car models for which they are made, therefore, with the right choice, one hundred percent compliance with all technical parameters is guaranteed. To select original spare parts, the most reliable way is to select components according to the article number. the original spare part number is assigned by the manufacturer and is unique, therefore errors and inaccuracies are excluded. It is also possible to search for spare parts by VIN code of the car. In this case, you need to enter the body code specified in the VIN data sheet in the search bar and search for parts using it.

To get additional convenience and simplify the search on the site, you can create a personal account. In this case, you can choose MINI auto parts as quickly and reliably as possible, since your personal account allows you to:

  • search exclusively for the existing vehicle;
  • use the help of a personal manager;
  • receive promotional offers and discounts on goods;
  • track order fulfillment.

The online store makes ordering the BMW spare parts you need in Dubai (UAE) as easy and accessible as possible!

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